We encourage pieces that echo the hybrid nature of the Swamp Ape, works that subvert our expectations of both content and form and unsettle our assumptions of what is possible. We are especially interested in publishing the work of writers from under-represented backgrounds and identities.    

We publish an annual print and quarterly online issues. Both our Print Issue and online content will include a special South Florida Feature, highlighting South Florida writers and artists.

All work will be considered for both the print and online issues. If your work is meant to function in both formats (i.e. collaboratively in print and online), please indicate this in your application. (We would love to see submissions of this nature.)

See individual genres for descriptions, size recommendations, and formatting requirements.

Across genres:

  • We accept translations!! Please submit your translation to the appropriate category (e.g. a translated poem would be submitted under poetry)
  • You may submit to multiple categories, but not using the same piece (e.g. a fiction submission must differ from a Swamp submission by the same author).
  • Do not submit work that has already been published elsewhere. This includes self-published works. 
  • Wait to hear back from us before submitting new work.
  • Only follow up if you haven't heard back from us within the standard 6-month window. 
  • Let us know promptly if your submission is accepted for publication elsewhere. Please do so by withdrawing your submission from the Submittable queue and adding a note to it, specifying that you've withdrawn. For poetry, specify if certain poems are still available.
  • FAU graduates must wait at least 3 years after their graduation term before submitting work for consideration.

For questions regarding submissions, please contact editor@swampapereview.com.

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